Trading risk insurance

The company Real Trade is jovial to grant you a unique trading risk insurance assistance that will let you protect and preserve your dealing capital by reducing the risk of inherent disadvantages in trading Forex. Secure your trading capital and take the comfort of an occasion to get the 100% compensation of your insured precipitate!

1. Finance your trading account. The complete knowledge of possible payment methods can be seen here.

Trading risk insurance help is accessible to both fresh and current clients, who have previously initiated and funded exchanging accounts.

2. Once your deposit has been ascribed to your dealing account, please develop and tender a Trading Risk Insurance card.

3. The expense of trading risk insurance is 15% of the sediment. The insurance will grow into power later the insurance bonus is barred from your trading account. The insurance continues in strength for one year.

4. Each succeeding replenishment of your trading statement is responsible for the trading risk insurance assistance under the over-mentioned conditions. Influenced insurance is not possible.

5. If the insured event happens, you will perceive the 100% payment of your insured collateral.

6. The insurance matches void in the subsequent states:

the first compensation of insured deposit is done;
the first departure of stocks from your trading statement is executed. After 1 year when the protection came to drive.

7. In sequence to receive payment of your insured deposit, you have to grant a request to the given company website. Your application will be prepared inside 1-3 trading days.

*Requests tendered after the termination of the insurance term will not be allowed for processing.

8. Once the compensation is inserted into your trading account, you are eligible:

continue with your trading, supply trading account, if required eliminate funds that pass the outlay of the recompense of the guaranteed deposit.

9. The compensation and acquisition, which is made utilizing payment, of insured deposit can be partly or fully eliminated from your trading account next to the expiry of 1 year from the date of payment acceptance.

10. Repeated insurance of a dealing account, on which the payment has been charged, is possible after the expiry of 1 year of the date of compensation letter.

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